Online Idea-Hackathon for your future Student APP – win up to 1000€ on the 12th & 13th of November 2020

Shape the Future of Higher Education in Austria

Our vision is to ensure the accessibility for all students from whereever, whenever. Therefore we focus on #mobilefirst

We are awarding the best ideas for innovative features for the new austrian University APP with 1000€! No coding skills needed. 

During our two-day online hackathon on the 12th & 13th of November you will discover your biggest painpoints in your student life and get all the knowlegde you need to solve them! Join now! 

The Austrian Challenge & the global Scope

Our Hackathon is a global multi-leveled event embedded in the DigiEduHack Initiative. After winning the national Hackathon in Austria and winning 1000€ your team will have the opportunity to compete in the global competition for another 5000€.

The Austrian Challenge is called

Reinvent the digital experience for students

“Improve the students’ everyday life by leveraging the capabilities of a smartphone (app)”

Throughout those two days you will not only become part of a worldwide changemaker community, but you can also expect exciting workshops with experienced mentors, who will support you in developing your ideas and of course, a lot of fun. Your solution will be evaluated by your fellow hackers and our top-class jury. Further you will be granted a certificate to future-proof your CV.

No team? No ideas yet? – No worries!

We make sure you will be matched with teammates from our Hackathon community. You can choose to sign up alone or as a team. We are organizing a Pre-Hack Team Event on the 9th of November for you where you will meet your team, in case you signed up alone.

If you have friends who might be interested in participating as well however, get 2 of them on board to participate and get a 40€ Sodexo voucher from us! (For more information see picture below)

Ideation will be part of the event, so don’t worry if you don’t have an idea yet what the app should be capable of! You don’t need prior experience, our mentors will provide you will all the input necessary to solve the challenge. Just you #creativity is needed.

For more information and to sign up for the challenge click here!


For further questions feel free to contact our Project Manager.

Sarina Herold

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