Masterarbeit für Molekulare Onkologie ab sofort

Master Thesis – Molecular Biology of Ovarian Cancer

 Fachgebiet:                          Molecular Biology

Ort/Forschungsstätte:         Medical University of Vienna (AKH), Dept. of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Translational      Gynaecology


Kontaktperson:                    Dan Cacsire Castillo-Tong (0043-1-40400-78330)

Webadresse:              ;


Epithelial ovarian cancer has a worldwide annual incidence and mortality of 24000 and 150000, respectively. Standard treatment includes debulking surgery and platinum-based chemotherapy. Although most patients show primary response, they frequently relapse and die of disease progression. The 5-year survival rate is below 40%. Molecular analyses of tumor tissues and patient-derived cell lines indicate that loss of the cell cycle control due to loss of wild-type TP53 is the major cause of tumorigenesis and disease progression. In addition, tumor cells express specific antigens, which are usually not expressed in epithelial cells.

Objectives: to compare expression profiles of different types of ovarian cancer; to molecularly analyze the specific tumor antigen; to define tumor specific therapeutic targets

Duration: 1 year, start as soon as possible

Payment: Geringfügige Anstellung

Qualification requirements:  Bachelor’s degree in molecular biology or related fields; having completed the theoretical courses at FH or University; wetlab experience, interest and enthusiasms in science, strong analytical and organizational skills, open-minded, very good English and German skills are a must.

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