Dear University, dear students,

We would like to offer you wonderful opportunity to do something great for you and for our planet through two online contests “Heritage for Planet Earth” and “Leonardo da Vinci” on

They are good opportunity for you to demonstrate your creativity and to represent your territories’ identity. The contests includes the possibility of winning numerous prizes. Don’t miss it.

They are free for Life Beyond Tourism members (the membership costs just €10 for youngs!)

-        “Heritage for Planet Earth”- a photographic contest

From the 15th June 2019 to the 30th November 2019


total prize € 5.000

-        “Leonardo Da Vinci” - a contest to represent the cultural expressions of places (artisans, small business, institutions and more…)

The contest is open from 1st October 2019 to 31st May 2020

Complete guidelines are online on


Please help us to share this opportunity and visit our facebook page!

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